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The Application of Law and Resolving Mechanism to Deal with Violence in Debt Collection in Private Lending

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DOI: 10.25236/fmess.2017.39


Mengbing Tong

Corresponding Author

Mengbing Tong


Violence in debt collection has been brought into spotlight in the judicial community because of the case of “Yu Huan", which caused severe psychological and mental damage to the debtors. This paper presents the legal application and resolving mechanism of violence in debt collection of private lending, introduces the basic theory of private lending and violent debt collection, and analyses the current situation of domestic and foreign research on violence and debt collection. Based on the case of "Yu Huan", it further discusses the typical cases of violence in private lending and the applications of law in this certain issue. Finally, the paper proposes the resolving mechanism and feasible suggestion of violent debt collection.


Private lending, violent debt collection, application of law, resolving mechanism.