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Oil Impregnated Paper Condenser Transformer Bushing Damage Accident Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.100


Tong Wu, Lixia Shang, Huijie Cao, Jiaying Wang, Xiaolei Yang, Xinming Chuai, Haoming Zhao, Zhao Zhang, Shuyi Tao, Huiyan Cao

Corresponding Author

Tong Wu


Through the search for penetration cracks in the lower bushing of the main bushing, the effectiveness of the combination of oil chromatography and electrical testing is demonstrated. The structure and composition of the main transformer bushing and the common discharge forms and locations are introduced in detail. The main fault location where the low energy discharge occurs may be the bushing, winding, main transformer core or tap changer. Scientific means to conduct a one-by-one investigation. Finally, the low-energy discharge failure caused by the penetrating crack of the lower bushing of the bushing is concluded, and the repair time of the main transformer is shortened. Because of the bushing failure type of paper is very little, analysis methods and steps of the search bushing fault has left valuable experience. This has a certain reference value.


Main transformer, Oil chromatographic analysis, the porcelain sleeve, bushing