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Discussion and Attempt on Construction Technology of Asphalt Road Pavement in Expressway

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.092


Wang Li

Corresponding Author

Wang Li


With the development of socialist market economy in our country, our country has made great progress in highway traffic, so the requirement of highway pavement structure in our country should be raised. The asphalt pavement is the main component of the highway pavement of our country, the service performance of such roads and the quality of the asphalt pavement are inseparable, so that the quality of the asphalt pavement is very important in the course of the asphalt pavement operation, and the quality of the construction is ensured by the skillful use of the key points of the construction technology. At the same time, the asphalt pavement operation of the expressway is not only an engineering which needs the system model and technical skill, but also an important factor to determine the level of the construction enterprise. On the premise of not violating the principle of highway quality, it is necessary to discuss and explore the key points of asphalt pavement construction technology.


Expressway, Asphalt Road Pavement, Construction Technology