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Research on Basic Quality Classification of Rock Mass Based on Fuzzy Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.088


Yunguo Zhang, Jingbin Wang and Guangjing He

Corresponding Author

Yunguo Zhang


The fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method is widely used in geotechnical engineering. In-depth analysis of the key factors affecting the basic quality of rock mass, according to the basic quality classification of the national standard rock mass, the rock hardness and rock integrity coefficient are used as evaluation indicators. Considering the dynamic change of weights, the subjective weights and objective weights are combined, the normal distribution membership function is modified, and the basic quality fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model of rock mass is constructed. Finally, the results are compared with the national standard grading results in the whole domain. The results show that the coincidence rate of the two methods is 67.2% in the whole domain, and the maximum phase difference is 2 grades; the ratios of the phase difference and the phase difference are 28.5% and 4.3%, respectively.


Basic quality classification of rock mass, analytic hierarchy process, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, coincidence rate