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Analysis of Tensile Fatigue Crack Propagation Path of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Concrete

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.082


Lin Haiwei

Corresponding Author

Lin Haiwei


Since 1830, concrete has become one of the most important materials in modern construction engineering after nearly 200 years of development and application. With the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of contemporary construction projects, ordinary concrete has been unable to achieve its reasonable application in construction and parts construction because of its drawbacks, such as far less tensile strength than compressive strength, poor toughness and brittle failure under special load conditions. One of the effective ways to improve the mechanical properties of concrete is to incorporate polypropylene fibers into its matrix. At present, the research on polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete mostly focuses on the compressive and frost resistance, while the research on the propagation path of tensile fatigue crack is less. Based on this, through the in-depth study on the calculation, simulation experiment and data analysis of the crack propagation path parameters further realizes the analysis of the tensile fatigue crack propagation path of polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete, in order to provide some theoretical support for improving the tensile strength of polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete and achieving more scientific and rational application.


Polypropylene fiber, concrete tension, fatigue crack, propagation path,