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Analysis on Fatigue Elimination of Football Training

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.052


Feng Du

Corresponding Author

Feng Du


Exercise fatigue refers to the physical process of the body can not continue its function at a particular level or can not maintain the intended exercise intensity and physical incapacity. Moderate fatigue, impose a scientific and reasonable means of recovery, can promote the body function and improve the level of sports technology. And excessive exercise fatigue and inappropriate means of recovery, not only is not conducive to the improvement of athletic performance, and may form a sports injury, which does not meet the purpose of sports training. Therefore, this article for the football exercise training in the emergence of sports fatigue research, understanding and understanding of the mechanism of fatigue, master reasonable and effective means of recovery, so as to eliminate the impact of fatigue, to help improve the training level.


Fatigue Elimination, Football Training, Sports Technology.