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Research on flag-based network scanning technology

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.076


Guofang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Guofang Zhang


In order to realize data transmission on the network, data needs to be encapsulated layer by layer. In the process of encapsulated data, different kinds of control information need to be added. This control information are necessary to realize network communication. Flag identity bits in data packets are the key part of establishing and closing communication session connections, and also the key to controlling the data transmission process. At the same time, flag identity bits become the vulnerabilities exploited by infiltrators. This paper studies the characteristic of data package encapsulation and the role of flag tag bit in the process of network connection and data transmission. Combining with the characteristics of network penetration, it puts forward the conclusion that flag tag bit has potential security risks, and points out a new direction for network security protection in this paper.


Encapsulation, network security, network vulnerability,