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An overview of soil moisture measurement methods

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.075


Fengjuan Zhang, Yiman Zhang, Jieqiong Ruan, Hong Liu

Corresponding Author

Fengjuan Zhang


This paper introduces the importance of soil moisture to plant growth, the composition of soil moisture and the expression of soil moisture. Soil moisture measurement techniques are classified according to sampling method. The principle and test method of six typical soil moisture measurement methods, including drying method, tensile method, neutron emission method, infrared ray method, dielectric method and dew point microvoltmeter method, were analyzed in detail, and their advantages and disadvantages were summarized. It can be used for reference in the future research, application and deep multi-disciplinary integration of soil testing technology.


Soil moisture, Drying method, Tensile method, Neutron ray method, Infrared ray method, TDR method, Dew point microvoltmeter method