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The Design of Smart Windows Which can automatically close in Rainy Days Based on Single Chip Computer

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.073


Qinzhu Wang

Corresponding Author

Qinzhu Wang


In the design of smart windows which can automatically close in rainy days, STC89C51 single chip computer control technology is the core of the control system. The FC-37 raindrop sensor is used as the raindrop acquisition component to collect rainfall value through ULN2003 stepping motor. The automatic window closing in rainy days is realized by comparing the collected rainfall value with the pre-set rainfall value of the system. At the same time, the LCD1602 liquid crystal is used to display the detected rainfall value and set the rainfall value. This design includes contents of scheme selection, the introduction to hardware and circuit design, the introduction to software and program design, as well as the system debugging process. The design is achieved from the perspectives of hardware and software programming. Contents on hardware include the introduction of main components, as well as the design and analysis of circuits in each unit. These circuits include the key circuit, the LCD1602 display circuit, the reset circuit, the crystal oscillator circuit and the motor drive circuit. Software programming includes the introduction of programming software and the idea of programming design. The structure and function of circuits in each unit are also designed and realized separately. The software uses the C language to pre-set the rainfall value, and compares it with the detected rainfall value to realize the automatic opening and closing of windows.


STC89C51 single chip computer, FC-37 raindrop sensor, ULN2003 stepping motor, LCD1602 liquid crystal, close windows in rainy days