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Analysis of the Application of Aerobic Dance on Colleges Aerobics Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.051


Jinjin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jinjin Zhang


Aerobics has become one of the main physical training methods for school physical education and extracurricular activities. At present, many colleges and universities have already listed it as an elective course and elective course. But with the progress of society, the increasingly updated knowledge, the original single knowledge structure has been unable to meet the pace of innovation of contemporary college students. Oxygen dance is a group of gymnastics, music, dance as one, the form of lively, simple, is set fashion, fitness, athletics, performance, sociality in a new project, collectively known as fashion aerobics, is happy The category of sports. In this paper, through the exploration of aerobic dance project, and compared with the content of aerobics teaching in today 's colleges and universities, this paper provides the theoretical basis for the feasibility of aerobics in college sports.


Aerobic Dance, Aerobics Teaching, College.