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Design of Medical Call System Based on CAN Fieldbus Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.062


Haichun Niu, Fuzhen Qin, Meilian Zhao

Corresponding Author

Haichun Niu


The system uses industrial fieldbus CAN and single-chip microcomputer to realize the communication between the ward and the nurse station and the medical care room, and can achieve real-time communication for help and response. The paper focuses on the overall plan of the medical call system and the design of hardware and software, and gives the communication protocol. The system realizes the problem of remote button information transmission and low power consumption. The realistic application response, the call system has the advantages of high stability, low power consumption, easy installation, ease of use, strong function, etc., and has strong application value and important social significance.


Medical call system, CAN bus, single chip microcomputer