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Study on Practical Ability Training of Computer Science and Technology Specialty in Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.050


Li Miao, Wenbo Jiang, Jing Liu

Corresponding Author

Jing Liu


The characteristics of the post-informatization era are characterized by the use of information, the value of its application and the social and economic role that its information has. On the basis of analyzing and evaluating the present situation of information technology talent cultivation in the information era, this study combines multidisciplinary knowledge of political economy, political science and management science with the methods of literature research, questionnaire investigation and comparative research to reveal In the era of post-information technology in our country information technology talents training and social needs arising from the contradictions and problems, post-information age I information technology personnel training target positioning and training programs put forward ideas and conduct of the feasibility study and analysis.


Practical Ability Training, Computer Science and Technology, College Education.