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Research on Safety Management in Mine Mining Technology Based on Standardized Grade Evaluation Method

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.060


Liu Fangfang

Corresponding Author

Liu Fangfang


In recent years, the scale of mining operations has been continuously expanded. In the mining process, safety management issues have gradually gained importance. Although it has accumulated rich mining experience, due to the harsh mining environment, the mining and mining technology is weak, and the mining technical parameters cannot be adjusted according to the actual situation. Increased the unsafe factors of mining operations, and easily lead to safety accidents. Therefore, it analyzes the main problems in mine safety management, and then uses the standardized grade evaluation method to study the safety management level of mining enterprises in mining technology, assessing the status of its safety management level and finding out its safety management. The existing advantages and weak links help mine enterprises to clarify the direction they need to improve in order to achieve safety objectives, and improve the safety management level of mines.


Safety Management, Mining Technology, Standardized Grade Evaluation