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Numerical Simulation algorithm of Magnetic Resonance brain tissue Elastic Imaging

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.053


Sun Rui

Corresponding Author

Sun Rui


Elasticity is a very important physical property of materials. In clinical application, elasticity is in many physical examinations, such as palpation and percussion. The difference of elasticity in the tissue can facilitate the diagnosis of tumor and its diffusion. The pathological changes of brain tissue often cause the change of biomechanical properties, and are more sensitive than other imaging indexes, so it is of great significance to study the elastic imaging of brain tissue by magnetic resonance imaging. It is difficult to obtain elastic properties by traditional measurement methods. To overcome this problem, magnetic resonance elastic imaging (magnetic resonance electrograph) Y, M R E) has developed to provide a non-invasive elastic measurement of human tissue in vivo. Due to the complexity of brain tissue structure, the study of magnetic resonance brain tissue elastic imaging is still in its infancy. In this paper, the numerical simulation algorithm M R E for magnetic resonance brain tissue elastic imaging has a good development prospect in medical diagnosis.


Brain tissue Magnetic resonance elastic imaging Numerical simulation