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“Limited Slope” and “Maximum Slope”—Some thoughts on “limit slope” to “maximum slope”

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.051


Xu Zhilin

Corresponding Author

Xu Zhilin


In the main technical standards of railway design for many years, “limit slope” is one of the most important contents. In the era of steam locomotive rule, the maximum traction of the locomotive's specified traction quality on the uphill slope and the calculation speed is the same. The slopes are so close that they are used independently of each other and continue to be used today. However, in recent years, large-scale locomotives have emerged, and the gap between the “limit slope” and the practical “limit slope” concept is now growing. In the “High-speed Railway Design Code” and “Inter-city Railway Design Code”, the term “limit slope” has been abolished, replaced by “maximum slope”, and the “Code for Railway Route Design” implemented by passenger and freight collinear railways still in use, with or without modification, this is a question worth considering.


Limit slope, maximum traction quality, maximum slope, design (specified) traction quality