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Research on the Mode of Cultivating Practical Talents of Cross-border E-commerce in Higher Vocational Education based on Market Demand

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.049


Xianglei Meng

Corresponding Author

Xianglei Meng


With the advancement of the process of economic globalization, China's business and work are gradually being promoted, of which, cross-border e-commerce personnel training is the most important work. Vocational colleges as a social transport professionals based on the birthplace of cross-border e-commerce personnel training work plays a very important role. From the perspective of the development of e-commerce, society and enterprises have a very urgent need for cross-border e-commerce professionals. In this context, vocational colleges should seek to cultivate cross-border e-commerce talents of the new path for the social transport of talent. This paper starts from the current situation of cross-border e-commerce talents training in China, analyzes the professional ability requirements of cross-border e-commerce specialty, and enumerates the obstacles encountered in the current training of cross-border e-commerce talents in vocational colleges. Based on the mode of integration of production and education of vocational colleges in cross-border e-commerce personnel training made a number of recommendations.


Practical Talents, Cross-border E-commerce, Higher Vocational University.