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Research on Mechanical Performance Testing of Ultrasound Motor in High Temperature Environment Based on Sociological Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.046


Zhang Yanmin

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yanmin


Ultrasonic motors (USM) are a type of micro-motor that uses the ultrasonic frequency vibration of an elastomer to drive a drive load. Compared with the traditional electromagnetic motor, the ultrasonic motor has many remarkable advantages such as low speed and large torque, fast response, high positioning accuracy, simple structure, large self-locking power failure and no interference from magnetic fields. Because the trust relationship between different users is different, the strength of trust relationships of different users in different fields is also different, making the uncertainty of trust relationship the biggest challenge of trust prediction. The performance change of ultrasonic motor in special environment including high temperature environment is one of the research items that ultrasonic motor must carry out before use. Taking the method of trial-producing, testing, improving and re-trial-producing the prototype, the decrease of friction coefficient of rotor friction material of ultrasonic motor reduces the output speed of ultrasonic motor. The increase in pre-pressure further reduces the output speed of the ultrasonic motor. Finally, the output speed of the ultrasonic motor decreases.


Ultrasound Motor, High Temperature Environment, Testing