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Research on Automatic Acceptance Technology of OCS Main Station Based on Artificial Intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.043


Zongbao Zhang, Yingqi Huang, Jin Wang

Corresponding Author

Zongbao Zhang


With the continuous expansion of the scale of modern power grid and the upgrading of equipment management requirements, monitoring specialty is facing greater challenges. Substation automation system acceptance workload is also gradually expanding. When a large number of signals need to be checked and accepted, the workload of checking signals will naturally increase. When the substation data monitored by the dispatching control center increases, there are too many signals to be checked and accepted. This leads to some problems in the normal monitoring of power grid. The signal in the acceptance is analyzed, and the signal is identified according to the frequency of transmission of the signal and the relevant grid time. Substation automation is based on the user terminal project, and the acceptance requirements will be based on the operation, coordination, scheduling, measurement and maintenance. To cut the passage of the old automation system to the new automation system, care must be taken to prevent data jumps and channel interruptions during the cutting process. The automation system operation technology is constantly developing, and the demand for automation personnel is constantly improving.


Substation, Automation, Automatic Acceptance