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Research on Optimizing Anti-jamming Software Approach of Single Chip Computer System Based on Data Acquisition

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.042


Ying Zhou, Pancheng Li

Corresponding Author

Ying Zhou


In the single-chip microcomputers which are installed on the equipment and play a controlling role, the work of single-chip microcomputers is affected by the frequent start and stop of the equipment, the fluctuation of the voltage of the power grid, the disturbance of magnetic field when the large-scale equipment is running, and so on. Data acquisition system is used to convert analog signals into digital signals that can be recognized by computer. The purpose of this system is to facilitate the monitoring and control of some physical quantities. Based on the anti-interference performance test of the main components of the microcomputer, several effective software anti-jamming countermeasures are proposed in the single-chip microcomputer, and the principle and design method of the anti-interference program are explored. The system can automatically complete the displacement, pressure collection, analysis and data processing work at the work site, real-time display, and can be widely used in intelligent instrumentation and scientific research. The utility model has the advantages of high acquisition precision, strong anti-interference, reliable performance and low price, and has good application prospect and practicability.


Data Acquisition, Single Chip Computer, Anti-jamming