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The Construction of Security Warning Zone Based on Kinect

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.035


Yangwei Cheng, Ying Sun, and Yao Liu

Corresponding Author

Yangwei Cheng


With the development of the robot technology, industrial robots have been widely used in various factories. In view of the fact that robots can not guarantee human safety while working, a safety alert zone based on Kinect sensor is proposed. This method uses the RGB and 3D images collected by Kinect sensor to measure the distance and set up a security alert area. Among them, it is very difficult to identify the whole human body and the recognition rate is very low. By recognizing the human skeleton, people who will enter this safe area will be positioned safely in three-dimensional space. Finally, the method is validated by experiments. The experimental results show that the method can be used for effective safety monitoring.


Kinect Sensor, Human Skeleton, Safety Warning Zone