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Research on the Combination of Electromagnetic Voltage Transformer and Straight-through Current Transformer

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.034


Dingzhen Li, Jianchang Guo, and Jing Fan

Corresponding Author

Dingzhen Li


The working principle of the current transformer is similar to that of the transformers, which converts the large current into a small current in a certain proportion, provides the current for the use of various instruments and relay protection, and separates the secondary system from the high voltage. The nonlinear ferromagnetic characteristic of voltage transformer is the fundamental cause of ferroresonance. Since the current transformer does not have a primary winding, the change ratio is determined by the number of turns passing through the iron center of the transformer. The paper presents research on the combination of electromagnetic voltage transformer and straight-through current transformer.


Electromagnetic voltage transformer, Straight-through current transformer, Relay protection, High voltage, Ferroresonance