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Software Engineering Data Modeling Based on OWL

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.029


Donghu Gu, Hongyu Li and Jinsheng Zhang

Corresponding Author

Donghu Gu


In ontology modeling, because the concept classification structure is not clear and lacks theoretical guidance, the ontology modeling method lacks the ability to customize the specific ontology description language. In view of this situation, this paper combines ontology based theory with UML ontology commitment, and proposes a core ontology metamodel based on ontology based theory and UML metamodel extension and its extension method. UML's profile extension technology is used to eliminate OWL (Web Ontolo gy). Language) The key technology of the contradiction between complex symbology and ontology modeling operability requirements, the mapping relationship between UML modeling elements and OWL Lite syntax elements is established, and the Web ontology description language is taken as an example to the core ontology. The scalability of the metamodel and the effectiveness of the extension method were verified.


Ontology Primitives, Ontology Element Attributes, Data Modeling Engineering