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Distance Perception of Unknown Environment Based on Kinect

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.026


Yao liu, and Yangwei Cheng

Corresponding Author

Yao liu


In order to solve the problem of manipulator working in unknown environment, an accurate sensing method based on Kinect sensor is proposed. In the process of working, the manipulator first establishes the coordinate system of Kinect and the manipulator, and constructs the Bursha coordinate conversion model; Then the model is solved by using the linear total least squares algorithm. Finally, according to the grab point coordinate information obtained by Kinect, it is converted from the coordinate conversion to the manipulator coordinate system; In order to achieve the robot's position on the target object. According to the target positioning system provided, the manipulator realizes the precise perception of different objects.


Kinect, Manipulator, Distance perception