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Remote Intellectualized Regulate and Control to LED Luminaire Based on PWM

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.016


Zhiguo Meng, and Lingxin Shi

Corresponding Author

Lingxin Shi


(Objective)In order to control dimming light set by remote intelligent and is easily operated, the integration adjustment system of color and brightness can been set up on the PWM. (Methods)The whole system is mainly composed of mobile client and system control terminal. The mobile client is interface of user. The system control terminal mainly adopts modular structure including power supply module, software module and control module. The application software has three operation interfaces to find, operate and control equipment. (Results) LED control can be regulated through intelligent terminal software to complete basic operations such as turning on/ off the lights, dimming, and security setting. LED indicator can be adjusted by using PWM, and the color temperature can be adjusted by the proportion of the tricolor collocation. Wi-Fi module can try to connect by phone transmission. The result of examination is that the basic parameters, such as network name and password, can modify on the mobile devices after the connection is successful. (Conclusion) IOT manage software can choose interface of MCU module to realize data input and output operations, to realize adjustment of the LED brightness, to realize adjustment color temperature on the tricolor LED.


Intelligent, PWM, MCU, Modular Structure