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Method Selection in EPDL Parsing

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.012


Jiang Na, Yang Haiyan, and Gu Qingchuan

Corresponding Author

Jiang Na


Parsing is a very important stage in the compilation process. On the basis of lexical analysis, combining with the defined grammar rules, it’s a process to analyze whether the words can form a grammatical unit that conforms to the grammatical rules. By analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of various parsing methods, the recursive descent analysis program is selected as the parser of the Software Evolution Process Description Language (EPDL). According to the grammar rules of EPDL language, this paper proposes a design model of EPDL parser - context-free grammar describes grammar rules, and push down automata recognition statements.


EPDL, Compilation process, Parsing, Parsing method