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A Design of Negative Pressure Fish Tank Control System

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.011


Yan Li, JiaoJiao Li, and Yan Huang

Corresponding Author

Yan Li


The negative pressure fish tank increases the height of the fish tank under the condition of operation solves the international problem that the traditional fish tank (aquarium) can’t grow long. The design takes the AT89C52 SCM produced by ATMEL company as the core control element. Combine sensor technology, designing a water tank intelligent control system which is suitable for all kinds of aquariums with water level and water temperature as the main control object, and realizes the aquarium power saving mode, cold and hot constant temperature. LED indicator display. It’s easy to operate, beautiful and has the characteristics of humanization.


Negative pressure fish tank, Control system, single chip micyoco, Timer, Constant temperature control