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The Design and Analysis of Nondestructive Testing System for Oil and Gas Pipeline

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.004


Chong Zhao, Huaifei Gao, and Min Ji

Corresponding Author

Chong Zhao


In view of the serious problems such as leakage and energy loss during the process of oil and gas transportation, a nondestructive inspection system for oil and gas pipelines is designed. With the use of ultrasonic sensors, digital electronic technology, communication principle of single-chip microcomputer, and development of Windowfrom host computer, the soft hardware of the system has been designed. The bottom of the system using STC89C52RC microcontroller on the ultrasonic signal processing data, through the serial port to send signals to the host computer and the processing and display of the image display finally reflect the pipeline breakage, convenient and intuitive. The debugging results show that the nondestructive test system for oil and gas pipelines designed in this paper works well and can detect the cracks on the pipeline more accurately and without damage to the pipeline.


Pipeline, Nondestructive testing, Ultrasonic, Serial port