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Study on Ultrasound Visual Protection System

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.001


Jingqin Hu

Corresponding Author

Jingqin Hu


In order to realize the intellectualization of vision protection, a vision protector based on single chip computer is studied. The hardware circuit and software design are also carried out. The main controller is STC89C52, Ranging Principle of HC-sr04 Ultrasound Sensor, Main Controller and Alarm Device, with temperature measurement and clock function, LCD 1602 LCD-Display. C language is used to program and modular design is adopted, including display, ultrasonic ranging, light intensity detection, timing, alarm, key and power module. It has the functions of distance alarm, light intensity alarm and timed alarm. When the distance between users and books, ambient light intensity and learning time do not meet the preset value, alarm will be generated to achieve the purpose of protecting eyesight.


Visual protection, STC89C52, Ultrasonic sensor, LCD1602