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Study on Extraction Technology of Flavonoids from Pinus Elliottii Needle

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2019.038


Liying Sun, Mang Xiong, Wei Chen, Huaxuan Zhang, Gang Yang, and Feng Wang

Corresponding Author

Feng Wang


Flavonoids were extracted from Pinus elliottii needle by ultrasonic extraction. The effects of ethanol concentration, material ratio and extraction time on flavonoids extraction were studied by single factor experiment and orthogonal design. The results showed that the optimum technological conditions for extracting flavonoids from Pinus elliottii needles were 90 minutes, 85% ethanol concentration and 1:20 material ratio. The extraction time had the greatest influence on the extraction effect, followed by the material ratio, and the ethanol concentration had the least influence.


Pinus elliottii Needle, Flavonoids, Technology Research