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Preparation SIC Powder and Filler as Heat-Conducting Glue Based on Near Field Radiation

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2019.037


Zhiguo Meng, and Haiyan Wang

Corresponding Author

Zhiguo Meng


(Objective)to reduce the thermal resistance and junction temperature on high power LED, Quantity of heat made by the PN junction can break through bottlenecks to improve the luminous efficiency, reliability and life of the product. (Methods)Minuteness SiC powder is be made using plasma reaction, chemical precipitation method and so on. Then, they have high surface energy including stable thermal, chemical and electrical properties using the surface modification technology. (Results)Under the guidance of the mechanism on heat transfer and radiation in the near-field, the SiC powder is be stimulated on the near-field thermal resonance at room temperature in order to improve thermal conductivity between particles. The synthesis such as thermal conductive glue, thermal conductive adhesive tape, caulking materials and pouring sealant can be widely used in LED encapsulation and lamps. (Conclusion) SIC powder and filler can continuously improve performance of heat dissipating on all kinds of plastic and powder.


SIC Powder, Near Field Radiation, DC Arc Plasma Method, Surface Modification