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Research on the influence Index used in ISO Standard

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.166


Yunpeng Che, Bing Liu, Hui Shi, Fanyu Kong, Shuyuan Shou

Corresponding Author

Yunpeng Che


In order to study the influence and status of ISO standards on different fields and regions. This paper evaluates the influence of the five dimensions of strength, breadth, validity, viscosity and speed adopted by the ISO standard. The five indicators are further refined and then analyzed by factor analysis and regression analysis. Comprehensive ISO standard impact index. The five-factor ISO standard impact index can intuitively explain the length of time and degree of adoption of ISO standards in countries and continents, and thus draw the direction that China's standardization work can work in the future. The objective and comprehensive reflection of standards adopts the relevant status of influence.


ISO standard, Influence, Factor analysis, Evaluation