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Patent Analysis of Herba Dendrobii Cultivation Technology Based on Incopat Analytic System

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.163


Lina She, Yaxue Chen, Li Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yaxue Chen


In this paper, incopat patent analysis information system was used to search the patent of Herba Dendrobii cultivation in China, ranking the number of patent applications in each province and in combination with IPC classification, analyzes the different provinces and regions related technology competitiveness, as well as leading patent technology focus in the area and leading enterprise. Conclusion: 1. The applicant did not gather in the research institutes, colleges and universities and the excellent traditional Chinese medicine enterprises, which reflected the superiority of the strong group in the southern city. The first applicant, jiangyin zhenjiang biotechnology co., LTD., has 25 patents, accounting for 23% of the patents.2. A01G, C05G and A01H are the top 3 technologies with the most patents, representing the three strongest development trends of Herba Dendrobii planting technology.3. Zhejiang agricultural and forestry university is the only institution with continuous patent value of 8-10 patent value; The technique of enhancing the polysaccharide content of dendrobium dendrobium was studied in the light of red or red and blue light.


Herba Dendrobii, cultivation, patent, distribution, IPC classification.