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The Internal Logical Relations of the Predicament of "Three Modernizations" of Village-level Party Organizations

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.156


Na Ning

Corresponding Author

Na Ning


Village-level Party organizations are the bridge and link between the Party and the peasants, and the Battle Fortress of the Party in the grass-roots organizations of rural society. Only through the village-level Party organizations can the work of the Party be truly carried out. The coordinated development of "three modernizations" is still facing many difficulties. It is necessary to further promote the coordinated development of "three modernizations" from the aspects of strengthening publicity and education, promoting system innovation, strengthening project grasp and improving land intensive mechanism. Fundamentally speaking, it is an important organizational cell and ruling foundation of the party's governance. The path to break through the predicament should be to find a balance between the macroeconomic development goals and the behavior choices of the micromarket entities. The clearness of rural property rights and the cultivation of market entities are comprehensive and systematic theoretical and practical responses to dilemmas. Therefore, strengthening the building of the party's rural grassroots organizations is an important part and component of strengthening the party's advanced nature and strengthening the party's ability to govern.


Village Party Organizations, "Three Modernizations", Harmonious Development.