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A New Model of Social Reading Based on Blockchain technology

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.155


Xiaofeng Liang

Corresponding Author

Xiaofeng Liang


Social reading is becoming the main way of reading in China. Social reading promotion is conducive to the realization of national reading. Block chain technology, with its advantages of decentralization, distributed structure, non-tampering timestamp technology, security and anonymity trust mechanism, programmable intelligent contracts, has landed in some industry scenarios in China. In the promotion of social reading, the new model of social reading promotion based on blockchain technology can include the following: establishing a social reading side chain that users and function providers jointly manage, using smart contracts to build a standardized social reading behavior system, using timestamps Technology builds user social reading data tracking and information anti-counterfeiting mechanisms. A secure and anonymous trust mechanism is used to build a good social reading experience environment system.


Block Chain Social Reading Side Chain Social Reading Promotion.