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Curriculum Reform of Software Engineering under the Background of Engineering Accreditation

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.143


Zhen Zhao

Corresponding Author

Zhen Zhao


Engineering accreditation is an internationally accepted quality assurance system for engineering education, which has become an important link in the construction and development of engineering education in universities. In order to adapt to the needs of professional and technical talents in various fields of computer application, students can deeply understand the ideas and methods of software engineering. This paper proposes a software engineering curriculum reform program under the background of engineering accreditation for the correspondence between engineering accreditation standards and software engineering curriculum content. Reconstructing the practical teaching system of software engineering curriculum from the perspective of engineering accreditation, continuous improvement concept runs through the whole process of engineering education accreditation, case-driven teaching method to help curriculum reform, engineering accreditation to promote student-centered teaching mode, engineering accreditation drives the construction of software engineering course groups.


Engineering accreditation, software engineering, curriculum reform, scheme.