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Application and Practice of Action Oriented Teaching Method in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.142


Na Sun, Jingjing Wang

Corresponding Author

Na Sun


Action-oriented teaching follows the cognitive rules of education, embodies the concept of modern education, and uses happy education as a means. This way, students can achieve knowledge acquisition, ability improvement, character development and so on. Students are characterized by active participation, targeted teaching objectives, integrity of teaching process and diversity of teaching evaluation. The action-oriented teaching mode breaks the conventional teaching method and pays more attention to the comprehensive application of various advanced teaching methods. The main teaching methods include the case teaching method, the project teaching method, the role-playing method and the simulation teaching method. This research is based on a new perspective, stimulating students' imagination and creativity, promoting students' active thinking, frequent inspiration, and serving the new era of college English teaching reform.


Action oriented, teaching method, college English, application and practice.