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Research on Practical Teaching System for Tourism Management Major

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.140


Junfang Lv, Jiachen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Junfang Lv


Through investigation and research and systematic analysis, aiming at the problems existing in the practical teaching of tourism management, a tourism management consisting of “practical teaching management content system, practical teaching management support system, practical teaching management assessment system, practical teaching management feedback system” was constructed. This paper puts forward the implementation path of practical teaching in tourism management: combining theoretical knowledge with teaching practice, further improving the overall quality of teachers, creating good teaching conditions for intra-school training, strengthening the construction of off-campus practice bases, strengthening the monitoring of practical teaching, and increase the proportion of practical courses through training programs. The application of the research results in this paper will help reform the training model of tourism management professionals and comprehensively improve the practical ability of students majoring in tourism management.


Tourism management major, practical teaching system, higher education, existing problems, implementation paths.