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Research on the Innovative Application of Music in the Reform of Physical Education under the Analysis of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.130


Zou Hai, Jin Lin-lin, Hao Hai-yan

Corresponding Author

Zou Hai


With the rise of the Internet and big data, new opportunities and challenges have been brought to physical education. Rich teaching methods can enhance students' enthusiasm for participating in physical education classes and increase their interest in learning. The changes in the rhythm, strength, and ups and downs of music can be easily combined with sports, and this brings new ways of reform to physical education. This paper explores the method of applying music to the reform of physical education teaching by means of big data analysis. It is found that music can significantly relieve fatigue during exercise and improve the willingness to exercise. The application of music in physical education provides a new idea for the reform of physical education.


Physical Education, Music, Big Data Analysis, Educational reform.