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Study on the Actions Matching Characteristics of Music Rhythm

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.129


Zhang Lin

Corresponding Author

Zhang Lin


In order to improve the real-time detection and dynamic feature matching recognition ability of movements in music rhythm playing, a method of motion precision point feature matching in music rhythm playing based on high and low tone envelope profile feature detection is proposed. The sound division quasi-partition feature matching method is used to detect the action image acquisition and block fusion in music rhythm playing, the dynamic feature fusion technology is used to recognize the quantitative feature marking of action mark points in music rhythm playing, and the edge outline eigenvalues of action in music rhythm playing are extracted, and the dynamic detection of action mark points in music rhythm singing is realized by combining tone fuzzy block fusion technology. The edge similarity transformation is used to segment the movement mark points of music rhythm singing, and the dynamic feature matching of music rhythm action mark points is realized according to the segmentation results. The simulation results show that the method has high accuracy and good image fusion, which improves the marking and recognition ability of the movement feature points in music rhythm singing.


Music rhythm, action, matching, feature fusion.