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Research and Practice on the Mode and Program of Entrepreneurial Talent Training ——A Case Study of English Majors in Independent College

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.038


Lin Jing

Corresponding Author

Lin Jing


With the development of market economy, China has gradually become the world's second largest economic power. In order to promote national economic development, building an innovative country, China increasingly needs entrepreneurial talents. University is the main place of cultivating entrepreneurial talents in our country. It is difficult for the traditional entrepreneurial talent training mode to adapt to the needs of national development. How to cultivate entrepreneurial talents will become the focus of our university work. The independent college is an important part of the higher education under the new mechanism and new model. This is an example of the English major of independent colleges, which makes suggestions for the training mode of entrepreneurial talents in independent colleges, aiming at making reference for the construction of entrepreneurial talent training mode.


Entrepreneurial Talent, Training Mode, Training Program, English Major, Independent College.