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Discussion on the Management and Innovation of Library under the Modern Network Condition

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.112


Li Yanjie

Corresponding Author

Li Yanjie


The most important function of the library is to provide a place where people can consult the materials, and it is the key subject to promote the construction of cultural China. In recent years, the Internet technology in our country has made great achievements, which plays an important role in all fields of social life. Internet technology also promotes the library management level. At present, great changes have taken place in the internal and external environment of the library. The traditional library has been unable to adapt to the new needs of the social development. In the modern network environment, the management mode of the library needs to be reformed and innovated urgently. Only when the management of the library is innovated according to the requirements of the times, can the management of the library have the characteristics of automation, information and networking, enhance the competitiveness of the library, and bring the functions of the library into full play. Based on this, this paper briefly analyzes how to realize the management and innovation of the library under the modern network condition, in order to provide some suggestions for the innovation of library management.


Modern Network Condition, Library, Management, Innovation.