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The Educational Value of Music Education from the Perspective of the Theory of Multi-Intelligence Structure

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.111


Guo Yanchuang

Corresponding Author

Guo Yanchuang


In the traditional education activities, music education teaching is often ignored, especially many schools and educational institutions can not correctly understand the value of music education in the teaching process. Only taking music education as a means to expand the interest of students and enrich the classroom content of students, there are many defects and deficiencies in the teaching methods and contents of music education in many schools. With the promotion and implementation of quality education, the value of education in music education has been paid more and more attention to, especially the theory of multi-intelligence structure, which makes more and more people pay attention to music education. Based on the theory of multi-intelligence, this paper analyzes and studies the educational value of music education in order to provide reference for the educational value of music education and to promote the development and perfection of music education teaching.


Music Education, Educational Value, Theory of Multi-Intelligence Structure, Quality Education.