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The Teaching Model of "Frequent Position Rotation within One Project" Based on Whole Process Cost Management

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.106


Shuzhen Chen

Corresponding Author

Shuzhen Chen


With the rapid development of economy, science and technology, the construction industry has also developed in depth. At the same time, construction cost management has begun to developed into Whole Process Cost Management. However, in the traditional mode of training of Construction Cost personnel in higher vocational colleges, theoretical teaching is separated from practical application. In addition, the teaching of Whole Process Cost and Whole Process Cost Management cannot be implemented properly in the mode. Starting from "Frequent Position Rotation within One Project", this paper discusses the importance of its application into Whole Process Construction Cost Teaching and proposes that it be also introduced into personnel training mode to innovate teaching management mode.


Project-based system, position rotation, whole process cost management.