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The Development Modes and Strategic Advice of Cross-Boarder E-Commerce in China

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.104


Chen Qing, Zhang Cheng

Corresponding Author

Chen Qing


As the rapid development of information technology nowadays, cross-boarder e-commerce has gradually become an important part in people’s daily life. To energetically promote the cross-boarder e-commerce can stimulate the fast growth in national economy and guarantee the comprehensive strengthening on social economic development. As one of the important service industries in modern times, cross-boarder e-commerce belongs to the sunrise industry and green industry with characteristics of high human capital, high technology, and high value-added, which helps to spring up of new technology, new modes, and new commercial formats and has great importance on the economic growth. Within the fast development of cross-boarder e-commerce and the increasing competition, there are more and more diversified choices for customers. The service quality of e-commerce can directly influence the shopping demands. In fact, many e-commerce enterprises have started to emphasize marketing currently.


Cross-boarder e-commerce, Marketing management, major strategy.