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Optimization of Logistics Engineering Teaching against the Backdrop of College-Enterprise Cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.102


Chen Wen, Nie Hui, Zhang Weiwei

Corresponding Author

Chen Wen


With modern economy and society developing in depth, Logistics Engineering teaching in higher vocational colleges presents new trends and characteristics. Since the drawbacks of the traditional teaching mode of Logistics Engineering constantly have kept coming to light, it is vital for higher vocational colleges to study on how to improve Logistics Engineering teaching through an exploration of scientific teaching system of Logistics Engineering from thinking and mode. With respect to the teaching practice of this discipline, these colleges are supposed to elevate their cognitive ability, make full use of modern information technology, develop efficient teaching, improve the comprehensive efficiency of education, and enhance the standardization, scientificity and informationization of education. In addition, they should actively develop cooperation with enterprises and their own undertakings, and enhance the comprehensive quality of students.


Higher vocational colleges, Logistics Engineering teaching, college-enterprise cooperation, comprehensive quality.