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Study on the Communication Strategy and Communication Effect of the Tourism Promotion Activity Themed "Unique Scenery of Jiangxi"

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.101


Zhang Weiwei, Chen Wen, Nie Hui

Corresponding Author

Zhang Weiwei


With the great advancement of material level, individuals’ spiritual and cultural needs are constantly improving. Against the background of the new era, we have got accustomed to various information dissemination media such as Microblog, WeChat and Microfilm, which pose a great threat to traditional tourism promotion activities. In this connection, it is necessary to strengthen the research and analysis of the mode innovation of tourism promotion activities in the new era, summarize the main shortcomings of these kind of activities, put forward targeted solutions, so as to promote the rapid development of tourism promotion activities in China and provide the public with a more diverse visual feast of cultural tourism


New era, cultural tourism, communication, innovative mode.