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Exploration of Effective Ways for Vocational Colleges to Play the Service Function of Archives Management

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.100


Zhang Chunyan

Corresponding Author

Zhang Chunyan


Archives management is closely related to many school affairs in vocational colleges. As soon as one school is found, the relevant information of teaching management and professors' teaching materials needs to be properly managed, which is the necessary link of archives management. Because of the high utilization value of archives, the requirements for their management and preservation are correspondingly relatively high, which refer to the integrity and security of the data. Since science and technology has been moving forward with continuous social development, it should be integrated into the field of archives management purposefully in a larger scale, so as to further enhance the service function of archives management. As a result, vocational colleges will develop with the advancement of management technology. According to what has been mentioned above, the expansion of the service function of archives management is an important direction for future development. This paper will analyze the effective ways to give full play to the service function of archives management in vocational colleges.


Vocational colleges, archives management, service function, effective ways.