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Research on the Main Problems and the Solutions in the Laboratory Construction in Newly - built Undergraduate Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.036


Tao Song

Corresponding Author

Tao Song


University laboratory is the main place for the cultivation of applied talents, but also the place where the financial and material resources are relatively concentrated in colleges and universities, the birthplace of scientific research project development. However, for the new undergraduate colleges, there are still some problems in the laboratory construction, such as the lack of adequate financial support for the construction of the laboratory, the technical team of professional low, poor quality of experimental teaching and many other issues, so this article on the new. This paper analyzes the existing problems in the laboratory construction of the undergraduate colleges and puts forward the corresponding countermeasures and approaches to solve the problem, and provides reference for the laboratory construction so as to facilitate the reform of the experimental teaching in colleges and universities.


New Undergraduate Colleges, Laboratory Construction, Main Problems, Solutions.