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Research on Spatial Pattern of Urban Social Development and Influencing Factors at Southwest Border Ports

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.095


Xiangyun Dong, Wei Weng, Feng Xie, Xiaohan Jiang

Corresponding Author

Wei Weng


With its unique geographic advantages and the special policies entrusted by the state to border port cities, China's border port cities have developed rapidly in foreign trade. This not only promotes the comprehensive and rapid economic and social development of border port cities and border areas, but also promotes the considerable development of the surrounding areas and China's foreign trade. Under the new historical conditions and domestic and international background, the development of China's border port cities will face more opportunities and challenges. This paper studies the spatial pattern of urban social development and its influencing factors at the southwest border port, establishes the grey relational degree model of urban social development at the southwest border port, and analyses the problems of urban development model at the southwest border port in China.


Southwest Frontier, Port Towns, Development Space, Influencing Factors.