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Research on the Interactive Demand of Preservice Teachers’ Online Practice Community Based on Network Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.094


Xiangyun Dong, Xiaohan Jiang, Wei Weng, Feng Xie

Corresponding Author

Xiaohan Jiang


With the development of information technology, the online practice community of preservice teacher based on the network platform has become a new type of education that conforms to the development of the information technology era. It is favored by more and more teachers. At the same time, the community of practice has gradually become the carrier of the implementation of online courses. And effective interaction is the key to the construction, existence and growth of the practice community, and is the fundamental to improve the quality of network distance teaching. Interaction is an effective method for teachers to accumulate practical knowledge of education and teaching. It is also an important way for preservice teachers to explicitly form tacit knowledge to form organizational knowledge and promote the professional growth of perservice teachers. Therefore, this paper takes the teacher-based students based on the network platform as the object, studies the interaction needs and content characteristics of the perservice teachers based on the network platform, and provides suggestions and strategies for the professional development model of the perservice teachers in the network environment, thus promoting the high-level interactive activities of the online practice community. .


Preservice Teacher, Online Practice Community, Interaction.